Building Wrap, Flashing & Sealants


Like all James Hardie® exterior products, HardieWrap® weather barriers are specifically Engineered for Climate®, so your home’s second line of defense stands up to the elements, no matter where you live. These products help prevent water damage, mildew and energy loss. Available in:

Weather Barrier    Pro-Flashing  ・  Flex Flashing    Seam Tape

James Hardie Color Match Caulk is a high-performance, colored alternative to silicones and urethanes. Used in roofing, siding, windows & doors. Adheres to most construction materials, vinyl, metals, fiber cement boards, over Kynar coatings, on wood, sky lights, termination bars, plastics, copper finishes, PVC trim boards, glass, clay tiles, curtain walls, cured concrete; it will bond tenaciously to most common building products.

grip-rite-logo-sq Grip-Rite weather resistive barriers are made of a durable high density polyethylene woven substrate that possesses very high tensile strength that resists the tearing that results from high wind exposure. Superior UV treatment allows exposure for over six months without deterioration. Grip-Rite House-Wrap and Commercial Grade weather resistive barriers are coated on both sides with LDPE. Grip-Rite House-Wrap-E is coated on one side.

Grip-Rite™ Window & Door Protector is a self-adhesive membrane that eliminates drafts and water leaks. Use it to waterproof wood, brick, concrete, and metal surfaces and to ensure a continuous air/vapor barrier on doors, windows and joints between waterproofing membranes installed without overlaps.

Adhesives & Caulks. Available in:

Acoustical Smoke & Sound Adhesive    Cure & Seal 1315    Cure & Seal 309    Drywall Adhesive  ・  Multipurpose Adhesive    Polyurethane Adhesive    Premium Kitchen & Bath Silicone    Premium Window & Door Silicone    Salt Spray Testing    Siliconized Acrylic Caulk    Subfloor Adhesive

Titebond Black White Logo Woodworkers, builders and contractors depend on Titebond to deliver the most consistent, highest-performing products to meet their demands. Available in:

Woodworking Glues    Construction Adhesives    Caulks & Sealants    Flooring Products

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