Exterior Trim


Accentuate corners, columns, friezes, doors, windows and more. Add that final flourish to your design statement. Available in:

4/4 Rustic or Smooth    5/4 Rustic or Smooth  ・  Smooth and Rustic Batten Boards    Various Crown Moulding Sizes

LP SmartSide Trim is a must-have product for when you want your craftsmanship to stand out on any home, shed or light commercial building. Available in:

4/4 x 4 – 4/4 x 12    5/4 x 4 – 5/4 x 12

fryreglet Fiber Cement Panel Trims are designed for use with 5/16″ Fiber Cement Panels. Our aluminum Fiber Cement Panel Trims provide a cost effective option for shaping and sculpting exterior fiber cement panel claddings. Our aluminum trims not only offer aesthetics, but also provide a caulk-free, easy-to-install and sustainable enhancement to the exterior facade.
extira Extira is a revolutionary product for exterior applications that performs better than wood or MDF. Different ingredients and a patented and proprietary manufacturing process lead to superior performance. Extira is easy to work with — can be carved, routed and machined. It resists moisture, rot and termites. Twice as strong as MDF, Extira is made to be used outside. Available thicknesses in 4’x8′ and 4’x16′ panels:

7/16″    1/2″    5/8″  ・  3/4″    1″    1-1/4″

royal-siding-logo Royal Decorative Moulding gives your windows, doorways, porches, eaves — every part of your home’s exterior — the gift of differentiation. Included with your gift is curb appeal that lasts and lasts because it’s moisture-proof and termite-proof.

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